MJS Partners is a leading law and legal consultancy Firm with specialised skills in Electricity law. We take pride in our broad depth of knowledge of the global power industry. With over ten years experience of helping organisations and individuals achieve their goals, the Firm has developed particular expertise in sophisticated Electricity governance framework and commercial transactions. Our Team will be led by Dr. Yemi Oke who is a leading expert and scholar specializing in Electricity Law. His book, “Nigerian Electricity Law and Regulation 2013” is a pioneer publication on Electricity law in Nigeria. He is internationally renowned and has authored numerous legal writings under various heads of commercial law focusing on broad headings of Energy Resources, including Electricity Law and Regulation, Oil & Gas and Mineral and Mining Law.

MJS Partners’ legal consulting operations are harmonized into that of MJS Consulting Ontario, Canada and Electricity Law Research Centre (ELRC):

 In addition to our broad legal and consultancy services, we offer the following specialised services on Electricity Law and Regulatory issues:



Comparative Appraisal of Electricity Law and Regulation in Nigeria” (Up-coming in Journal of Energy Law, UK).

“Before The Dies Is Cast: Perspectives To The Tax Regime Of The Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill And Implications For Global Energy Market”

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