What we offer

Banking and Financial Law

Our banking and financial segment advices clients, including leading international and local investors, investment banks, merchant banks and commercial banks and financial institutions on banking issues, capital markets transactions, mergers and acquisitions and securities regulatory matters.

We offer professional advice on transactions ranging from simple credit agreements to complex multi-facility, multicurrency financings, and multiple syndicated transactions. We provide timely and seamless services to fully protect our clients' commercial and business interests bearing in mind that complexities often arise in transactions from diverse legal and regulatory environments.

Global Corporate and Commercial Law

Under this heading, we provide pro-active Global Corporate and Commercial advice to clients on a full spectrum of corporate and commercial law issues.

We advice on the legal requirements for doing transnational business, including the procedures for securing local incorporation, authorizations, permits, approvals and other business and investment promotion incentives and/or benefits. We structure multi-national or multi-stakeholder dealings or legal documentations and also advice or assist clients in the drafting of various technical and non-technical agreements like joint venture agreements, participation agreements, syndication documentations, shareholders or subscription agreements, management/technical services agreements, etc.

Legal Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of legal consulting services areas of our specialization (Energy and Environmental Law; Global Mining and Minerals; Banking and Financial Law; Global Corporate and Commercial Law; Construction and Real Estate; and Litigation/Transnational Dispute Resolution).

We leverage our expertise and extensive, broad based knowledge of the global economy in offering professional services with multidisciplinary competencies to facilitate the development of clients’ businesses and corporate interests.

Business Agency & Advisory Services

We help in analyzing current management operations; identifying new opportunities and improvements; designing and implementation of strategic plans and initiatives.

We assist our clients in monitoring and analyzing the impacts of legislative proposals or exiting legislation on their corporate interests and objectives.

Construction and Real Estate

Construction and real estate development is becoming more complex and highly intricate. The acquisition of sites now requires technical knowledge and painstaking review of many issues that might delay or hinder development.

We advice on the various phases of construction and reality from conception, financing, construction and maintenance including such undertakings, guarantees, and other instruments or legal devices relating to the purchase and sale, zoning, development, financing and leasing. In order to meet a client's particular needs/objectives, we offer the above comprehensive range of services in a timely manner.

Electricity, Energy and Environmental Law

MJS PARTNERS provide first-rate legal support to Electric power firms, multinational Oil & Gas and Energy companies in Nigeria as well as prospective foreign investors desirous of taking advantage of the vast potentials of Nigeria’s hydrocarbon and energy resources.

We are listed with the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and are able to provide professional advisory support on regulatory matters and power project transactions. We also advice on the various aspects of environmental and host-community affairs including impact assessments, resettlement/relocation, remediation, compliances and structuring. We negotiate and facilitate emission trading and environmental swaps, and global environmental standard compliances and also advice clients on Oil & Gas, Electricity, Energy and Environmental tax issues.

Global Mining and Minerals

Our Global Mining and Minerals offers high profile advice in reflection of international dimensions that characterize the mining and minerals industry transactions.

We advice mining companies, financial institutions, and investors, as well as governments, industry service providers and other stakeholders in the mining and minerals related activities. We offer deep and detailed practical professional advice on mines construction agreements, exploration and development agreements, mines permits, closure plans, mining litigation, mineral resource taxation, environmental compliance, and host community issues.

Litigation/Transnational Dispute Resolution

We recognize the commercial exigencies of resolving disputes within the minimum time possible without jeopardizing the existing and future business relations.

We undertake commercial litigation and dispute resolution on a transnational scale by providing efficient and cost-effective assistance in these regards in all of our areas of specialization either on a retainer or a transactional basis. We take steps to avoid needless commercial disputes for our clients, and in unavoidable instances facilitate the of resolution same in a business-like, dexterous manner. We also undertake detailed legal auditing, due-diligence, legal audits and risk assessments of actual and anticipated litigation portfolios of clients at the local and transnational levels.

Law & Policy Research and Management

We undertake law and policy research; evaluation; monitoring and drafting of legislative proposals and rulemaking for private sector, corporate organizations, agencies, NGOs and legislative liaison offices, governments and other interested clients.

Training and Re-orientation

We offer On-shore and Off-shore trainings and re-orientation courses in collaboration with our most distinguished scholars, academics, and leading industry experts in Canada, the US and Nigeria.

We organize customized workshops and seminars to assist clients in developing practical standards and guidelines to enhance employees’ skills for meeting set objectives/targets and efficient management operations.

Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

We organize workshops, seminars and conferences for public officials (appointed or elected), corporate organizations and other concerns desiring to maximize their stakes and objectives.

We offer these services at the clients’ locations by bringing our experts down from across the world (On-Shore) or at designated locations away from the client, mostly outside Nigeria (Off-shore).

Energy and Natural Resource Consulting

We provide business information to corporate organizations, government, groups and individuals and other stakeholders in the energy and natural resource sectors who desire to make informed decisions in these sensitive sectors.

Our services range from specific business feasibility studies to broader economic impact analyses of policies and regulations on the proposed or on-going business undertakings.

Law Professional Recruitment

The legal profession is dynamic so also the requisite skills needed to cope with the ever increasing, complex challenges of legal recruitment and staffing. We match the right legal-minds with the rights legal-jobs.

Our recruitment and selection processes are rigorous and focused. We understand the various needs and requirements of law professionals in practice, in-house, public sector and others. At all times, through our painstakingly structured selection processes, we get you the best legal professionals for the job. We also train and retrain law professionals at all levels.